National education on the master level within "Smart" and "connected" industry


WE OFFER Swedish universities and industry a coherent package of initially 4 and later 12 FREE course modules within the field of  Industy 4.0, -Cyber-physical production systems and connected industry easy to integrate in current education courses and programmes withthe aim to increase Swedish competitiveness within a strategic area.

WATCH the movies Industry 4.0 and Civilingenjör 4.0 to learn about our project and the background


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!! NEWS !!

2018 > 03

During the Vinnova Strategic Innovation Program Production2030s anual results day, a 10min presentation of the C4 project and aims was made.  Lots of intresting questions and positive feedback from the gathered audience.

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In Luleå a joint group of representatives from the Production Academy Universities was assigned to a reference group to the C4 project.  The purpose of the group is the give feedback to the project leader and the expert group on activities and to promote the project results and usage of the developed modules within their organisations.

The reference group consist of:
Lund,Carin Andersson
Linné,Gunnar Bolmsjö
Chalmers,Anders Skoogh
Mälardalen, Glenn Johansson
Jönköping, on its way
Karlstad, on its way
KTH, Magnus Wiktorsson
Linköping, Erik Sundin
Luleå, Mats Näsström
Örebro, Lars Pejryd
Högskolan Väst, Per meddelar
Halmstad, Sabina Rebeggiani
Skövde, Amos meddelar
PADOK, Erik meddelar
Teknikföretagen    vacant so far

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