National education on the master level within "Smart" and "connected" industry


WE OFFER Swedish universities and industry a coherent package of initially 4 and later 12 FREE course modules within the field of  Industy 4.0, -Cyber-physical production systems and connected industry easy to integrate in current education courses and programmes withthe aim to increase Swedish competitiveness within a strategic area.

WATCH the movies Industry 4.0 and Civilingenjör 4.0 to learn about our project and the background


The OFFER to you to USE the education Modules and becoming a Univeristy Customer PARTNER  Köp på iTunes Store

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!! NEWS !!

2018 > 09

The possibility for you and your partner Academia and Industry to apply to develop your course module concept C5-C8 have been prolonged to the 27'th of September (decisions shold be ready 4'th of October).  Don't miss the chanse to take a lead in education within a selected Industry 4.0 competence area.

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The possibility to apply as "Host" University for our "second Wave modules C5-C8 has been open for some weeks.  Check under the menu tag to the left "NOW!! Apply for development of course modules C5-C8" for more information.  The first suggestions have already been submitted to the project so don't await to be too late.

Last day for submission is Saturday 15'th of September using the simple form (also under a menutag to the left).

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