National education on the master level within "Smart" and "connected" industry


WE OFFER Swedish universities and industry a coherent package of initially 4 and later 12 FREE course modules within the field of  Industy 4.0, -Cyber-physical production systems and connected industry easy to integrate in current education courses and programmes withthe aim to increase Swedish competitiveness within a strategic area.

WATCH the movies Industry 4.0 and Civilingenjör 4.0 to learn about our project and the background


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!! NEWS !!

2018 > 12

The two courses without assigned development teams from the Universities is now closer to get teams to develop the material.

Discussions are ongoing and a start in mid December is prognosed to allow for the finishing of the development process around Q2 2019.

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After the call this autumn we got good response from the Universities to develop C7 and C8 modules and a concortia from Lund, Halmstad and Dalarna was assigned to start up the development work for C7 and Luleå and KTH decided to join forces to develop C8.

The remaining two courses C5-C8 in this wave had no applicants and it was decided to start C7-C8 to not loose time in the start-up phase waiting for the remaining two modules to be "crewed".

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During September to October 4 Current University courses did pilot testings of the module materials developed in the project.  Students in Linköping, Halmstad and Jönköping had the opportunities to test the module material developed with a very satisfying result.  More is to come.  It was mainly material from the modules C1-C2 tested this time.  More reports will follow.

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