Do you and your partners want to contribute to a novel advanced level education initiative for Swedens' future production engineers?

The offer

This offer give you  the possibility to organize and develop new top-of-the-range Industry 4.0 education for production engineers on advanced "Civilingenjör-/ Master level.

You are here in this call asked to assemble a competence team of one or several other universities and companies to cover 1 of the 16 topical areas (here modules C14-C16) initially identified by the main project to support the transition of Swedish industry, society and education from Industry 3.0 to 4.0.

For who are the course development made?
Course modules will be accessible for "Customer Partner Universities (and later Industry) after an application on this homepage and possible to be given for students on the advanced level at any Swedish University or similar Institute- or Industry level.

!NEW  During the Corona crisis a digital learning development has been initiated by the Production Academy and production2030 and all modules (C14-C16) are asked to intitially develop their module ideas for industry and package the material of and "introduction module" of 1HEC introducing the module topics and package it on the Digital Learning Platform Collegial.  (more info under the "TABS" below in this menu -"INGENJÖR 4.0 MODULES...".

What's in it for the module developing partners?
You and your team of partners will be given the chance to develop novel education on a national level in a field of your expertise and will also be given the possibility to update the material and develop methods for the distributed teaching for users outside your own or your partners geographical neighborhood.

What do I as an applicant and Host University partner commit to?
You will be responsible to co-ordinate  one or many "Partner Universities" and "Industrial Partners" in the development- and implementation process of 3 HEC "Course modules" consisting of 1HEC "Sub-modules".

All modules should be possible to be run by a "Customer University" by non-expert- but domain trained teaching staff by the support of recorded lectures and exercises as well as guided work-shops and seminars you develop.  

Lectures should be supported by  a Power point package and PMs for the learning activities. To support the documentation for students and allow User University staff to replace recorded lectures with own lectures based on your developed material.

Can anyone apply and co-ordinate the modules
No.  You who can apply here to be the co-ordinating "HOST University" are one of the 29 members of the Production Academy presidium from the 13 Universities listed here to the right, to assure the application and relevance of the module content for advanced education of production engineering students and production industry.  BUT of course, partnering Universities and Industry outside the Production Academy Presidium can initiate the application process but still, the applicant have to be one of the professors from the list to the right.   In fact, we want and need partners from outside the traditional Production academy sphere to support with knowledge and experience of the "new" enabling fields such as cyber security, advanced data handling and others....

Can any Swedish or International University or Industry be a Partner in the developing of a Module?
Yes, The project will support a broad composition of Partner organizations to enable development of top-of-the-range-education.  We recommend the "module teams" to include international and industry partners where possible.

Who can initiate the foundation of a module partner group?
Partner Universities and Partner Industries can very well initiate the module development BUT all modules must have a member of the Production Academy presidium as applicant and representing the "Host University".

What funding is available for the development of a 3HEC module?
The Host University will after the handing in of an approved Module application be given funds to distribute within the "Module group" of partners to support the module implementation.

The financing consist of the following three parts:
a. for module development, and implementation 167kSEK
b. for modification to a "pilot run for industry education" 41kSEK
c. for Infra structure needed and educational bed* max. 250kSEK (to be applied separately from the Project Manager).
     * an educational bed is here in this context a practical set up to
        enable access to practical lab resources or software to allow
       Customer Academies to run laborations in addition to lectures,
       seminars and work-shops.  Extra funding "on-top" for education
       beds can be added after separate discussions.

In all 167+41=208kSEK and additionally maximum 250kSEK i.e. maximum 458kSEK in total.

How is the management and daily work run?
The joint module development work will be managed by the C4.0 project and co-ordinated at bi-weekly virtual meetings between the Host Universities for modules 9-12.   The daily implementation work will be co-ordinated by the (applying) Host University in accordance to a Module plan decided between the project manager and the individual Host University after the acceptance of the application.

The applying Production Proceeding member can of course delegate the practical co-ordination and implementation work but remain as applicant and Host University responsible.

What will be the promised delivery for a module?
The delivery from each Education Module will be a set of "Learning activities -LA's (lectures, laborations, demonstrations, work-shops, seminars ect..).  Here, Lectures will be delivered as recordings and .ppt 's.   Laborations with recorded guide lines, written PM and prepared for remote access (decided from module to module), Work-shops and Seminars will be documented by PM's.  All learning activities will also be acompanied by a reference list and initially 15 questions (and answers) for the students (and administration).

Note: See also the "Pilot module C1-C4 folder tab here on the home page for inspiration from already completed modules.

NEW!! How much student work for 1 HEC do I need to prepare for?
In order for us to be consistent with the rest of our academy system we checked the expected student work for HECs and according to Chalmers and KTH the norm is 40hous per 1.5HEC i.e. 27hours per 1HEC sub-module here. Something to consider when you design the course details. To be continued next meeting.  NOTE: Student work…. This includes the lectures, home work, labs, work-shop ect..

Who owns the developed module material and how is it protected?
The rights of the developed material will be secured by the "Creative Commons -CC*" (similar to copyright), where copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon, material all within the boundaries of copyright law can be used commonly AND in this case WITHOUT commercial use allowed.  Developing partners and the project organization and funders will be referenced for all future use of the material.

How do we apply?
We need your "Short" application form  (see the separate menu "tag") at latest the  28'th of FEBRUARY accompanied by a movie clip (e.g. smartphone) where you describe the project team, resources and intentions.

What is the schedual for the development of modules 9-12?
Modules 9-12 should be developed during the Q1-2 2020 and be ready for initial "Pilot runs" in Q3-4 2020.

When will I know the result of our application?
The descision of selected Module teams will be distributed to applicants the 5'th of MARCH.
The decision of which Host University who will be selected to develop the modules will be made by the project manager after a prioritation and following cunsultance with the project reference group (with representatives from the Production Academys' 13 Universities, the PhD student organization PADOK and Teknikföretagen).  Descisions by the project manager here can't be over ruled"överklagade".


The 3 Modules subjected to this CALL

C14.   Lifecycle management Product System
C15. Life Cycle Management Production systems
C16. Platforms and Digital single Market

Members of the Swedish Production Academy Presidium

*Alexander Kaplan
*Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck
*Lena Abrahamsson
*Amos Ng
*Anna Syberfelt
*Anders Jarfors
*Kristina Säfsten
*Bengt Lindberg
*Lihui Wang
*Magnus Wiktorsson
*Mauro Onori
*Monica Bellgran
*Bengt-Göran Rosen
*Björn Johansson
*Johan Stahre
*Mats Johansson
*Mats Winroth
*Peter Krajnik
*Rikard Söderberg
*Carin Andersson
*Jan-Eric Ståhl
*Jinming Zhou
*Christer Johansson
*Glenn Johansson
*Erik Sundin
*Mats Björkman
*Gunnar Bolmsjö
*Lars Pejryd
*Leo De Vin
*Per Nylen